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              Sick Soul Records Sick Soul Records
              Deep House, Progressive House
              Latest release no info
              Desawana Music Desawana Music
              15 · LK
              Pop, Hip-Hop
              Latest release no info
              Desawana Music a leading record label in Sri Lnaka. We produce Music, Audio, Videos, Advertisements, and many other Audio Visual Contents. Desawana Music was founded by Kasun Madushanka. Do you want your Music Video to be featured on the channel? Do you have any questions or requests? Don't hesitate to Contact Us!
              Dance Mafia Records Dance Mafia Records
              1 · UK
              Tech House, Electronica
              Latest release 3 weeks from now
              Kanner Records Kanner Records
              Trance, Techno
              Latest release 1 week ago
              Kanner Records is always looking for high quality music from talented and new artists. We release music in all genres.
              Nashwa Music Nashwa Music
              1 · SG
              Latest release 3 weeks ago
              Nashwa Music has signed an amazing catalogue of artists since its inception in 2019. The musicians that Nashwa Music represents speak not only to a new generation of fans, but tap into the old-school era. The Singapore base Record Label prides itself on working with the brightest musical talents.
              RedON Records RedON Records
              14 · UK
              Techno, Tech House
              Latest release 3 weeks ago
              RedON Records is a place when artists and ravers could feel?the invisible bond. We would love to share the best music experience from all around by our producers to make you feel happier.? The future for us is simple: make music, dance, and love. So get on board and turn the red light on!?
              Taprobane Records Taprobane Records
              Electronica, Pop
              Latest release 2 months ago
              FarRange Records FarRange Records
              1 · NL
              Hip-Hop, Pop
              Latest release 3 days from now
              Hey, we're a small record label hoping to produce some great records. We're looking for artists to sign and help them grow. We have access to 250+ online webstores.
              3 · 2 · BG
              Latest release 1 month ago
              Technolandia was born as an event organizer, but like any good idea, this one develops, so the owner decided to create a musical label. Technolandia will initially release Tracks by local names, and then to famous artists, Such as the genre: Techno - Raw, Deep, Hypnotic. so dear friends follow us.
              Youken Groups France Youken Groups France
              Hip-Hop, Trap
              Latest release no info
              We are a division of Youken Groups. We are based in France and work with artists from France and French Africa.
              Deepmode Digital Deepmode Digital
              1,655 · 1 · NL
              Techno, Progressive House
              Latest release 2 weeks ago
              Deepmode Digital sub -Label of DEEPMODE RECORDS CO.
              Heyoca Musik Heyoca Musik
              48 · FI
              Latest release 1 week ago
              Helsinki based electronic music label managed by Annie Hill.
              Minimal nest records Minimal nest records
              3 · US
              Minimal, Tech House
              Latest release no info
              Minimal/Deep tech label based in NYC, looking for a raw and deep minimal sounds.
              Breaking All Illusions Breaking All Illusions
              6 · 1 · CL
              Progressive House, Techno
              Latest release 12 hours ago
              Breaking All Illusions is a Melodic House & Techno label from Santiago, Chile. Founded by Nico Garreaud and Fran Wenner. Demo email: info@baimusic.
              Progressive House, Deep House
              Latest release no info
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